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Take the Stress

out of healthy!


Hyderabad's best-kept secret..

Daily by vibrant living

Eat Well, Live Vibrantly

Expertly crafted by in-house nutritionists. Bursting with flavour & nutritionally balanced for optimal health.

Taste the World

Embark on a weekly culinary adventure, discovering exciting dishes, new flavours, & diverse cuisines!

Ditch the Kitchen Choas

No more planning, shopping, or cooking! Delicious meals arrive ready to enjoy, saving you time and stress.

Support Local Farmers

We source from local farms, supporting sustainable practices and ensuring fresh, seasonal ingredients

Your Way, Always

Flexible delivery options fit your schedule. Skip meals, change addresses, and you're in control.

Eat Green, Feel Good

Enjoy your meals in eco-friendly, reusable boxes. Feel good about what you eat and how it's packaged.

100% plant-based, Nutritionally balanced

Meal Plans

Crafted by in-house nutritionists, our diverse plans offer options for every lifestyle: Whether you're looking for balanced meals to fuel your busy days, refreshing salads to keep you light on your feet, or a dedicated detox program to reset your body, we have the perfect plan for you.

Vibrant Living’s

Signature Meal Plan

Your Gateway to Healthy Eating

Our most popular option, offering a selection of chef-crafted specials right to your door. Each meal is designed to be nutritious and satisfying, featuring a variety of seasonal ingredients and global flavours. But above all - it tastes awesome!

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Vibrant Living’s

Daily Salad Lunch

A Refreshing Reset, One Salad at a Time

Looking for a lighter option? Our Daily Salad Plan provides you with fresh, delicious salads made from our finest ingredients.

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Vibrant Living’s

Detox Plan

Reset, Refuel, Revive

Feeling sluggish, bloated, or out of sync? It might be time to hit the reset button with Vibrant Living's Detox Plan!

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Vibrant Living’s

Customize Your Own Plan

Can't find a plan that perfectly fits your needs? No problem! Our Customized Plan allows you to create a meal plan that is tailored to your individual preferences and dietary restrictions.

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How Does it work?


Choose a Plan

Select from our different plans & subscription options, based on your needs. Customize further depending on the options available & additional snacks, if any.

Choose Your Schedule

Select a start day and customise your schedule based on which days of the week and the primary address, you want your meal to be delivered.

Relax and Receive

Daily meals with fresh, high-quality ingredients to your doorstep. It arrives ready to eat for you to enjoy delicious & healthy food without any cooking.

Control Your Subscription

Edit delivery dates, change addresses for specific future meals, and add a snack without any hassle from your profile page. Be always in charge.

Recycle packaging

Our meals arrive in eco-friendly boxes. You can easily recycle our boxes & bottles at home or return them to us in your delivery cycle.

Not convinced yet?

Sign up for our trial you'll be able to see for yourself how easy and enjoyable it can be to eat healthy with Vibrant Living

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frequently asked questions

  1. Menu & Cuisine

    Do I know get to see the menu in advance?

    Can I see some sample menus?

  2. Custom Diets & Special Needs

    What if I need a custom diet?

    What if I don’t need a custom diet, but am allergic to certain ingredients?

    What if I have specific goals and want to avoid certain kinds of foods?

  3. Delivery Related

    My address is out of your delivery area. What can I do?

    What are the delivery timings for the meals?

    What if my meal delivery is missing or there are other issues?

  4. Meal Skipping

    What if I want to skip a meal or am not in town for a few days during my meal plan?

    Do I still have to pay for the meal when I skip a meal?

    How long can I keep skipping my meal deliveries?

  5. Pricing

    What is the price per meal? Does it vary with plans?

    What if I decide to cancel my plan within a few days of starting the subscription?

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